This is my blog featuring
memes. I have felt that we are in need of
a new approach to sharing the ideas,
concepts and facts around the animal
rights movement. I myself at times having
felt at odds with my fellow animal lovers
within the movement who, at times, can
come across as preachy, overtly emotional,
uneducated and over reaching. I aim to
approach the subject with reason, logic,
humour and a little bit of jovial sarcasm.
In an attempt to make our ideas and reasons
more accessible and friendly, while dealing
with the misconception, criticism and
judgements we receive from our critics.The
friends I have shown them to feel I am
achieving this and quite like them. I hope
you like them too and share them if you do.
And feel free to comment and suggest some
ideas you think I could have a go at tackling.

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    Our palaeolithic ancestors were no “wild savages” at all. But they indeed did not have other choices in order to...
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    I’m not trying to start a blood feud or even an argument, silly. You said you didn’t want to go vegan and I believed...
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    Okay, this is going to have to be my last response to this. I have research that backs me up, you have research that...
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